an interview with Project Runway’s Kooan, bingo, and a giveaway! *now closed*

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oh, Kooan… we miss your fun antics and wild designs on Project Runway, but you will most certainly never be forgotten. we are definitely looking forward to whatever comes next for this designer who we think epitomizes “outside the box”.

i checked in with Kooan a few weeks ago via email, and here’s what he had to say about his experiences on Project Runway, design, and what he’s up to now:

rachael: what are you working on now?

kooan: Jonte’ Moaning!!!! He be on America’s Next Top Model this season~~! as new movement mentor~~.

r: what do you think is the most important part of drafting a pattern? what advice would you give to people who sew from patterns but would like to make their own?

k: Accuracy is everything in terms of pattern making. Also try and test many different pattern, and experience 2D to 3D~~~!!!!! FUN FUN!!!! hahahahaha

r: how was Project Runway different than you expected?

k: I didn’t expected that living and spending time together with competitors would make me feel like fighting against to friends over money.

It’s weird cause that’s one of the biggest part of the show. I have never expected to like other competitors, and for that to be the biggest problem for me!!!!!

I was like “I be so good on Project Runway cause I make my stuff mad good and mad fast woo hoo!! and Plus I can be friend with everyone so easy!!!! yeahh!!!” and I even brought some special Japanese snack in my bag to make friend. Fabio ate it hahahahaha I left before even finish the snack. it was baked rice cake some sort of stuff. Salty and mad yummy~~!!

r: did you get back the comb that you left in the Project Runway workroom?

k: yazz!!!!!!! Thank you Chris!

r: do you still feel that leaving Project Runway was the right choice for you?

k: ya, i think i made the right choice for that moment although i wanted to stay, but i had to go. Cause when Im sad, so hard to come back, cause I’m blood type O person. When I think about it now, I should have stayed and make sad clothes which might be cool for a lot of people, and WIN! and be back to happy again~~ hahahahahaha too late to think sooo~~~~~~~

r: do you think you would have stayed longer had it not been for the team challenge the week before?

k: Team Challenge was fine. was it? hahahaha Team challenge itself is actually fine. It was another day that understanding other competitors more in good way which became bad cause basically that’s why I stop fighting and eliminate myself. I actually do like team works in general, cause 1+1could be 3 if the 1 and 1 could match well. or 1+1=0.5 for some of the case. I love the idea of 1+1=11 the best.

r: would your decision have been different if Andrea hadn’t left as well?

k: I think I anyway left even if Andrea hadn’t left. Was it full moon or something??

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r: what kind of projects do you remember working on with your mother when you were young? how do you think that she affected your aesthetic as a designer?

k: not this question. oops, sorry. I just don’t feel like answering this question for some reason. hahahahahahahahaha

r: i’ve read that Michael Jackson is your favorite style icon. how would you describe his style? what do you like best about it?

k: Always a head of everything, but still sells crazy. Not afraid of trying out new stuff. u know what I can’t start it cause i won’t be able to stop.

Let me just say,,, Michael Jackson is EVERYTHING. If he didn’t come out, can you imagine how the world is different now??? I might not even in NY. Thriller was my best Record that i had and I was 2! Of course I went to see him when i was 6 in OSAKA Castle Hall. My favorite time of Michael is 70′s. well coincidentally i have afro hair. hahahahahahaha


we were so sad to say goodbye to our friend Gunnar last week… he was definitely one of our favorites and we’ll miss his smiling face this week! Julie, Jessica, and I were convinced that Gunnar would be in the top three, so we’re busy revising our guesses of who this season’s finalists will be.

but the runway must go on, and it wouldn’t be much fun without bingo, now would it? so we’ve made up some new bingo cards for episode ten! you can download and print this week’s bingo cards right here. (printable bingo markers are right here if you need them.)

giveaway details:

*congrats to Stephanie, our giveaway winner!*

leave a comment on this post between now and saturday, september 22 at 11:59pm ET to be entered to win. just leave a comment when you get BINGO! and/or leave a suggestion for a bingo space we should add in for next week’s cards.

we’ll pick one random commenter to win a Violette Field Threads sewing pattern!! choose from: Molly, Vivienne, Lucy, Ginger, Chloe, or Emmaline.

thanks to everyone who entered! the giveaway is now closed.

xo, rachael


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10 Responses to an interview with Project Runway’s Kooan, bingo, and a giveaway! *now closed*

  1. Barbara says:

    I stumbled upon your bingo cards last week. They are a great idea! I went back and have been reading the interviews that you’ve posted. A few of us at work have decided to get together for the Project Runway finale and play a great game of bingo!

    Thank you so much for posting the cards online! Our little island in SC appreciates it!

  2. liz snyder says:

    OMG, I just came across your bingo cards today, although too late to play for last night’s ep, through reading K’s interview. I’m so glad you interviewed him; he’s so sweet! When will you post new cards, I’m dying to play with my son as we watch, and since I am starting my new little business the above patttern would be a life safer.

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  4. Stephanie Walters says:

    Okay I love this idea and I love project runway!!! I think I got a BINGO!! They showed the designers eating, Sonjia wore a head scarf (a few times!), free space, Elena wore a hooded top (at the fashion show, come on girl dress up a little!), and some one shares a supply (it was so nice of Chris to lend Melissa some money when they went back to mood). I can’t wait for next week!

  5. tara says:

    bingo! Christopher and Dmitri did such a great job!

  6. i have just found the bingo cards. i can not wait to play them. if i get a bingo what do i do then, i am not for sure.

  7. Char says:

    Just found your site and love it. Checking out the bingo cards now…

  8. Kayla says:

    Bingo! (I just got around to watching online).

    I LOVE both the Ginger & Chloe patterns – hard choice!

  9. Arlette says:

    I finally got to watch Project Runway… I didn’t have my Bingo cards and now is to late I think. An idea for the Bingo cards redesign uniform for the US postal service :)

  10. Arlette says:

    LOl I think I watch the wrong episode of Project Runway…!! LOL

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