jersey infinity scarf tutorial

this quick and easy jersey infinity scarf tutorial is perfect for accessorizing your favorite fall outfit or as a last-minute gift. follow along with the how-to below or print the full tutorial in pdf format here.

want a little jump-start making your jersey infinity scarf? stop in the shop and pick up a jersey infinity scarf kit for $11.99. kits include: printed tutorial, fabric, and a ballpoint needle.

jersey scarf tutorial by sewn studio

jersey infinity scarf, a sewn studio tutorial
{for personal use only, copyright 2012 by rachael gander for sewn studio}

required materials:

. 2/3 yard knit fabric (fabric shown in photos is from the Heaven & Helsinki collection by Patty Young for Michael Miller)
. ballpoint needle (also called jersey or stretch)
. thread, sewing machine, and notions

tips for sewing with knits:

. take care to not pull or push fabric while stitching, letting the machine feed fabric
. always use a ballpoint needle
. if available, set machine stitch length to “stretch”
. when “stretch” setting is not available, use a small zigzag stitch *or* overcasting stitch with appropriate presser foot

making your scarf:

1. fold fabric right sides together, lining up raw edges along long side

2. stitch along long raw edge (use 1/4” seam allowance or overcasting foot)

3. trim selvage off both ends of tube

jersey knfinity scarf by sewn studio
4. reach into one side of the tube and pull second raw edge up through tube to meet the first, raw edges will now be right sides together at opening

jersey infinity scarf by sewn studio
5. pin around raw edges and stitch, leaving a 2” opening for turning

jersey infinity scarf by sewn studio
6. turn scarf right side out

jersey infinity scarf by sewn studio
7. hand-stitch opening closed *or* pull seam away from fullness of scarf and machine stitch close to folded edge

and you’re done… great job! make sure to share pictures of your finished scarves in the sewn studio flickr group.

xo, rachael


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17 Responses to jersey infinity scarf tutorial

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  3. Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!! Easiest to follow out there and I love my new scarf!!

  4. Maureen MacLean says:

    Thank you for your easiest ever direction….your amazing!

  5. Kathy Wright says:

    Thank’s for such great directions…Yours are by far the easiest ones I have found..Most of them are a little confusing when it comes to sewing short ends but not yours….I’m going to go get some fabric today and start sewing

  6. candice says:

    Does the 2/3 yard length of the fabric become the width of the scarf or the length of the scarf?

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  8. shara says:

    Hello.. what do you mean when you say “reach into one side of the tube and pull second raw edge up through tube to meet the first, raw edges will now be right sides together at opening”? kind of confused on that part.

  9. sewn studio says:

    Shara- you will be folding the tube in on itself. So the two openings will be right sides together, raw edges together. Does that make sense?

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  13. EmarieB1 says:

    Easy instructions! Even the videos i found on YouTube were hard to follow when it comes to finishing the scarf. You explained this very well. Now I’ll be able to make one for every outfit!

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