Field Study Quilt

Every step in the process of making this quilt was fun for me. Picking the 5 high-impact fabrics, carefully cutting and piecing them all, and then thinking up a bunch of fun ways to quilt it. It’s a pattern we’ve carried for a while in the shop, called the Field Study quilt by Tula Pink. I’ve always loved the bold simplicity of this one, but the fabrics used on the cover of the pattern didn’t make it stand out on the pattern wall the way I thought it should. So I decided we needed our own Sewn version.


The blocks come together really quickly using the traditional technique for making “flying geese” triangular units. And they are big enough that the leftovers quickly come together to make these half-square triangle units for the back. I knew I wanted to use one of our new ombre fabrics on the back, but it was just short of being wide enough. The perfect use for HST’s from the front!


Since I chose to quilt each section of the chevron created by the blocks differently, you get a really interesting look on the back. And the gradient of the ombre pink really makes it look like it glows. I think any quilt would look fantastic with one of these ombre colors on the back.


This quilting was such a confidence builder for me. As a long-time straight line lover, I’m no free-motion quilting expert. But I am a testament to how great Millissa’s FMQ class is. Ever since I sat in on her class and had a few realizations about how to actually make quilting enjoyable, I’ve been practicing and building my range of designs. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a LOT of practicing to do, and if you inspect my work here in the shop too¬†closely you will see that. The point is, FMQ and classes like it can really change your perspective and set you up to do great new things.

Out of the 4 free-motion designs I tried, these little scallops or clamshells are my favorite. They were so fun to do and I want to use them on everything now! I decided that straight lines in the navy areas would frame everything up nicely on the top and bottom.

You can make this Field Study quilt top in class with me this Thursday, November 14th 10-12:30. We will learn about value placement, making the flying geese blocks, making the HST’s for the back, ¬†and we’ll get a good portion of the piecing done in class. (Students are welcome to stay and sew as long as they’d like!) This is for beginning quilters looking for a new project but confident enough to finish the quilting and binding on their own.

Pattern is included and cost is $49 plus fabrics. This sample is a nice sized throw at 48″ x 60″, but the pattern has larger options you could choose as well. Call 513-321-0600 to sign up today!




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  1. Suzanne says:

    So pretty! You should make a kit for us who live too far away so we could have one too! Your fabric choices and design elements are amazing! In love with it

  2. Just needed to tell you I’m just thrilled I happened upon your web page.|

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