Charm Pack Ideas

Can you believe the gift-making time of year is looming ahead of us already? And it’s not just Christmas, there are babies coming and birthdays and an endless string of events to celebrate for my family this fall and winter. One of the best ways to get those quick quilted gifts done is by using precuts like charm packs. Charm packs contain 42 5″-squares from a certain fabric line. They are so versatile for quilting projects- you can leave them as they come and sew them into beautiful patchwork rows, or you can get fancy with other common quilting techniques. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing on all those gifts. (Or on something you just want to make for yourself!)


This is a simple half-square triangle design I am making as a Christmas quilt for my mother. I used a couple of Flurry by Kate Spain charm packs, paired with a couple Moda Bella white charm packs, all from Sewn. I like this tutorial for half-square triangles. And there is an endless variety of designs you can arrange them in. Check out these quilts for more HST ideas.



This would be a great project for a new quilter. Just sew up your charm pack, add a border, and you have a quilt top.  More details here.



This quilt is another take on the same idea, but with added sashing between each layer of squares. The instructions here use 5.5″ squares, but you could certainly use a charm pack and just adjust the sashing or finished size.



This design is a simple stacked coin quilt, which I love for babies. Add the cutesy applique or leave it off for a simpler look.



For a smaller quilted project, turn a charm pack into this table runner using a traditional snowball method. Great tutorial here.


The four-patch is another simple design that’s easy to make with charm packs. Simple instructions here.




This pinwheel quilt is another take on the half-square triangle idea. I love the graphic look of the two different sizes.



Right now in the shop we have several varieties of charm packs. There are two Christmas packs- Flurry (shown also in first photo) and Ready, Set, Snow. There is also one Trick or Treat Halloween charm pack left. (Just one!)


We also have the beautiful Summer House and Farmyard charm packs.


And the Sophie and Ruby collections are coming soon!




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